Real-time iPad review system

Wireless image review directly from a wireless camera to a pair of iPad Airs: perfect for run and gun location work.

This system allows for automatic wireless transmission of FPO files from the camera to an iPad for image review.  Images can be sent to two iPads  which are configured and part of the kit.

IMG_9206 (1)

The system can also use the laptop kit as a central hub, so images are sent wirelessly to an on site computer and then relayed to more than two iPads (BYOD supported when using the laptop kit as a hub), providing more viewing stations and enhanced speed.

Select RAW files can be transmitted manually for critical pixel level review with Canon cameras

Comfortable working range of 100 feet, even in urban settings, much longer range in open settings.  A cellular data modem is part of the kit and allows FPO files to be rapidly shared off site.

Unlike traditional USB tethering with 35mm digital, images clear the buffer to the card, meaning a bottleneck at the iPad won’t slow down your shooting, and this system can NOT corrupt your files.



Cameras currently supported:

Canon 1D X, 5D mk III, 1Ds mk III, 5D mk II, 1D mk IV, 1D mk III

Nikon D810, D4s, D4, D800E, D800

System battery life is 10 hours, longer if recharging at lunch is possible.  iPads are provided.  Laptop kit is included, the laptop is used primarily for image transfer logging and backup of RAW files stored to CF cards.  The laptop kit is also used as a relay hub and a review station itself for wireless image review if the shooting environment permits.

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