Dual hat for American Heart Association

Q4 of 2014 saw a lot of great projects that are only now making their way to the really world. One that has made its way out already is a combined still/ motion shoot for American Heart Association, shooting with Amy Ploss-Samson on stills and Dustin Miller as motion DP.  Great production by Jeff Maher.  Check out some of the awesome motion spots below! More info after the break.



On set I worked as both a traditional stills tech (well as traditional as a wireless iPad system gets) and a video data wrangler.  While I am not qualified as a motion DIT I do have a strong understanding of the fundamental requirements for successful ingest and backup for digital motion files, in this case ProRes 4:4:4 HD footage from an Arri Alexa on SxS media, for which I have a thunderbolt reader.

If you are uninitiated into the world of pixels, bits, file systems, and checksums allow me to provide a simple explanation; you cannot drag and drop from camera media in finder.  It is important to check all footage for errors in the copy process.  This is because the camera media uses an intermediary file system different from a native file system for a computer operating system, which precludes the automatic checks built into OS copy functions from operating correctly.  While in theory it is acceptable to simply scrub the footage to check for errors this assumes a very high ability for the checker and is extremely time intensive.  A far more effective method is to use a checksum process to verify that the footage on the computer exactly matches that on the camera media.  Part of my standard software suite includes a checksum ingest utility, but I am also trained to manually create and compare them if that software fails.

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